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  1. Engine woes
  2. fm clutch failure
  3. Exhaust manifold studs are hard to find, I guess.
  4. Balancing stock Flywheel after resurface?
  5. Mishimoto Radiator
  6. oil leak
  7. Godspeed Radiator Review
  8. A/C not turning on
  9. Type 2 Torsen Diff
  10. Rear Main Seal: Just How Hard is It?
  11. Auto to Manual swap..
  12. 1.8 GTX cam cover swap
  13. Pick your poison: The Engine Oil Megathread
  14. Rebuilt head making noises
  15. Ordered my Engine Rebuild Kit
  16. oil pan seal help.
  17. rear end swap
  18. compression and leak down test results
  19. 1.8 tranny swap into 92 na 1.6?
  20. Help! WTF is this noise?
  21. Torsen rebuild help
  22. Timing issues.
  23. will this lsd or torsen not sure fit my 1992 miata na
  24. Engine/Trans noise woes. Miata gurus hellp?
  25. 1.6 Rear end questions
  26. Valve Cover Baffle Screws
  27. No "Check Engine Light" but suspect bad cat or rear O2 sensor?
  28. Clutch goes bye-bye with no leak - Problem 1 of 2
  29. Funky 1.5K idle - Problem 2 of 2
  30. Power loss at around 3k RPMs
  31. Car shutting off and on randomly while driving
  32. Need help with engine or transmission diagnostics?
  33. Help get an AEM UEGO to talk to an AEM EMS
  34. o2 Sensor Wiring Help
  35. EGR Block-off Question
  36. clutch issues
  37. Clear timing belt cover......
  38. Exedy 1.6 clutch
  39. my oil eater..
  40. The Boss' Brief Explanation of Fueling and Ignition
  41. Rear Diff Bushings
  42. Why does my 23 year old engine burn oil?
  43. BP5A/MSM Intake Cam Swap Dyno Results
  44. Rough Cold Idle
  45. testing injector wires help please
  46. Ebay aluminum radiator/fan install
  47. Injector sizes
  48. Phenolic Spacer
  49. Timing Belt & Cam Gear help
  50. Swapping the engine through the bottom of the car - any thoughts or advice?
  51. Budget Engine Build Advice Needed
  52. Rear end click
  53. transmission stuck in reverse..
  54. How do you standalone ECU guys pass OBD2 inspection?
  55. ex. manifold question
  56. 1.6 Diff + clutch LSD
  57. Temp sensor weirdness? who has the answer?
  58. Recommendaiton for Wires and Plugs
  59. damper on Differential / diff pinion
  60. Sounds like a handful of rocks in my transmission?
  61. URGENT 1.6 idle problem!!
  62. Camshaft opinions...
  63. quick question
  64. Not up to temp after re-route
  65. Type of gas?
  66. Injector failed :/
  67. Oil leak :l
  68. What clutch to get? Details inside.
  69. Filling 6 speed through the turret?
  70. Is an Auto to Manual Swap Worth The Effort?
  71. OEM Miata MX5 radiator replacement?
  72. How to tell if your Miata has Torsen or not?
  73. Miata oil Pressure
  74. Is it normal to have a slightly audible diff noise?
  75. Capri valve cover venting?
  76. 00 Miata idle problems. Only at speed. Need help ASAP!
  77. 2.0L Miata Stroker build
  78. Protege rods/ pistons in 1.8 block?
  79. OEM Radiator Replacement
  80. 93 ilde issue CEL on
  81. WTB: Okuyama Transmission Brace
  82. Sticky Clutch
  83. DIY: HLA cleaning rod knock? im lost
  84. Issue with a cam bearing cap
  85. Check engine light issue
  86. I got iron and aluminum in my oil, now what???
  87. What do you think about lightening a 1.6 Flywheel?
  88. Miata has cold start issues?
  89. Drive Train Vibration
  90. Light Weight flywheel
  91. 1.8 motor swap what clutch/flywheel should I buy
  92. RoadsterTECH's new engine
  93. anyone with Magnecor KV85 Competition 8.5mm Ignition cables?
  94. looking for a new clutch and lightened flywheel. suggestions ?
  95. weird off idle stumble/misfire
  96. Poly Differential Bushings - Transmission whine?
  97. FM Happy Meal questions
  98. My oil pan.
  99. Nb diff question.
  100. I need to replace my O2 sensors, will universal work or should I get OE fit?
  101. tranny oil for 02 miata
  102. DCC vs Flexalite Variable Fan Control for FM Spal kit
  103. AEM UEGO AFR Gauge/Controller output
  104. NA: Rear end howling
  105. Tell me about cam shafts
  106. Help with fuel wires in engine bay
  107. Idles low, cuts off, gas kills engine
  108. Mazdaspeed Miata Differential differences
  109. AFRs on stock tune
  110. Miata 92 shakes 2-3 rpm -out of gear.
  111. Miata Oil Pan gasket end seals necessary?
  112. Rod bearing failure!
  113. Miata has slightly low idle below 1000 rpm
  114. questions about the steps to replace the water pump inlet pipe.
  115. How-To Cool an Overheated Engine With Julia
  116. Clutch engagement is high on the clutch pedal?
  117. Ebay F1 Clutch + Flywheel, has anyone used them?
  118. Power Steering Pulley Delete
  119. Miata issue (slow + high RPM)
  120. Probably (hopefully) nothing but I leave on a road trip tomorrow, so...
  121. My Miatas rev-limiter is gone!! Overclocked ECU
  122. Belt Squeal on my miata
  123. Cure to ticking lifters
  124. Mishimoto Rad install with low temp switch mod and Spal fans
  125. BP-Z3 VVT Question
  126. Where did my fuel mileage go?
  127. Another VVT question
  128. Whine noise under load and acceleration
  129. What is the pitch & cap size for EGR cap?
  130. Show Us Your Engine Bay!
  131. More adjustment?
  132. (Irregular) High idle coming to a stop.
  133. Random thoughts, ENGINE EDITION!
  134. Rpm bounce
  135. Motorcraft Manual Transmission Synthetic oil Review - 6 speed
  136. Adjustable Cam Gear Reviews
  137. Drivetrain Overhaul..... any suggestions?
  138. has anyone used these rear diff seals?
  139. Still confused, clutch burn after slave cylinder replaced
  140. ECU for ITB comparison
  141. 1.8 crank pulley two pieces, right?
  142. Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door
  143. Need help with crankshaft position sensor please!
  144. Thermostat positioning on a 1.8l
  145. NB2 Engine Installation on NB1 Chassis
  146. Which Clutch to get?
  147. Piggy-back to Standalone
  148. OEM Oil Cooler
  149. Radiator caps
  150. Gold Heat Tape and cooling panel
  151. Missing bolts on intake manifold
  152. 99 head swap on NA miata
  153. M2-1028 Exhaust Header Question
  154. Squealing noise produced if coasting in gear.
  155. Viscous Limited-Slip Differential - Explained
  156. Chipped Valve cover?
  157. Analysis of compression test results
  158. Drivetrain oils?
  159. What oil "type" and "brand" do you use?
  160. Stroker dyno data, MS2 tables
  161. NB1 head on NA. What should the machine shop do?
  162. Bigger injectors=more power NA?
  163. OCD engine bay cleaning, and refresh
  164. Power Steering Delete Plug Size Help
  165. Rebuilding a Motor Discussion
  166. Closer look at NA6 VS NA8 HVAC Heater Core
  167. Oil Catch Can Routing
  168. Bee*R rev limiter
  169. Engine cuts off at various RPMs/MSII won't read WB sensor
  170. No spark on 2nd cylinder
  171. JDM Flywheel weights
  172. OE ECUs: Difference Between Ours and Theirs?
  173. Need FAST HELP with my air intake.
  174. The oil is disappearing from my 2001
  175. Cusco LSD for ND Roadster released !!
  176. engine doesn't dies and doesn't start if engine is warm?
  177. TPS mounting bolts... Help
  178. The Definitive Guide for your Mazda CX7 Turbocharger
  179. Engine shaking at idle.
  180. short nose, big nose question
  181. Miata Oil Pump Installation Video
  182. eBay Fan Shrouds
  183. Bi polar transmission Need help
  184. Dummy-to-working oil gauge swap
  185. NA6 VLSD Replacement Options
  186. 323 Valve Cover User Questions...
  187. 1.6 to 1.8 engine mounts
  188. Port and polish
  189. Engine warbling
  190. HP Tuners for V8 LSx/Ford Miatas, now v3!
  191. OEM Fuse Box Decal?
  192. So.... My crank gear is stuck. advice?
  193. Help diagnosis my CEL
  194. What to salvage of a 2002 NB8 for ny 95 NA8 ?
  195. Ken Auto Mazda Maintenance
  196. Clutch options for a daily
  197. 2001 Miata won't start after driving: Diagnosis help
  198. Time to play "Name that noise"!Time to play "Name that noise"!(Clutch/Trans related)
  199. Need help diagnosing mild lean at WOT issue
  200. Injector selection
  201. Cranking but won't spark
  202. Used MSM Motor Opportunity: Question About Alternator Mount
  203. Ken Auto Japan Roadster Radiator Cap for NA, NB, NC, ND
  204. NC transmission in NA/NB
  205. Throwout bearings
  206. Questions on shifter rebuild and speed sensor on 99-2005 transmission
  207. Questions on flywheel, transmission removal, CAS seal, and engine mounts. (1992 1.6)
  208. A new transmission option from kmiata!
  209. PNP EMS Options for 97'
  210. Coolant reroute kits
  211. Any experience with Gates water pumps?
  212. Any experience with ITM Lifters from treasure coast Miata
  213. Built 1.8L Options: 99-00 Vs. '01+ VVT
  214. ISO: Mazda RX7 inner shifter dust boot - lower
  215. Removing factory oil cooler?
  216. Don't buy anything from SR Motorsports in California
  217. IRP short throw shifter
  218. Help me identify what this is in the engine bay (NB1)
  219. Hybrid Engine Mounts, looking for feedback
  220. Lighter flywheels and the roadster experience
  221. 1.6 Head rebuild seeking the consul of wise men and women
  222. ?? Supermiata Crossflow Radiator
  223. 256/256 cams on a naturally aspirated 1.6