View Full Version : Questions on shifter rebuild and speed sensor on 99-2005 transmission

03-14-2017, 07:25 AM
I bought a 5-speed trans several years ago and just tucked it away in the garage. I recently pulled it out to replace the seals and prep it for istall into my 1.6L turbo 93LE NA.

For the very first time, I noticed that it has a electronic speed sensor where the old mechanical speedo cable inserted in the NA trans.

Additionally, when I pulled apart the shifter, I saw that instead of a single slot in the fulcrum ball (this is where you'd replace the worn out crescent-shaped bushing) it has 2 slots, one on the front and back.

I looked up shifter rebuild kits but in the pictures I saw on RSpeed.net and MossMiata.com do not show any type of crescent bushing to go into these slots.


[1] Can I remove the speed sensor on the trans and simply insert the speedo cable into it?

[2] Does the NB trans shifter not require crescent-shaped bushings in the fulcrum ball?


03-14-2017, 07:55 AM

[1] Yep! You just uninstall the speed sensor from your currently installed transmission and then bolt it into the NB transmission once you've installed it.

[1.5] You'll also need to cut/splice the reverse and neutral switch wiring as the connectors are not the same from NA to NB.

[2] No, that bushing is not present on NB shift levers.