View Full Version : Need help with engine or transmission diagnostics?

kung fu jesus
05-22-2012, 06:11 AM
As a community, we hate to see anyone have issues with their car. We WANT to help you, but you need to let us!

Here is some basic information to include for a faster, more accurate Miata diagnosis:

Year of manufacture
Type of usage
Conditions the symptoms appear
PICTURES of mystery
VIDEO of mystery

Those last two, especially the video are usually the clinchers for a faster solution from the community.

We know it can be frustrating, but take a moment to calm down, include the info and give us what we need to help you.

Some other tips.....

1) In the body of your original post, be sure to list the model year, mileage and modifications. Manual or automatic, etc.

2) Before you post, check to see if your car is throwing codes. 90-94 cars can be done with a paperclip in TEN and GND on the diagnostic port(link). 96+ cars car often have their codes pulled for free at auto parts stores.

3) Pictures, especially videos are REALLY helpful.

4) Be patient. If no one responds, bumping your thread will not help. If people know what the issue is, they will respond. Bumping your thread aggressively is a great way to get it locked by a moderator.

5) Think rationally and deal with the small stuff first. Throwing parts at the problem is the shotgun approach. A good diagnosis will save you time and money.

The more information you give, the better response you should expect. Vague, flip posts will yield inactivity. Be smart.