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Thread: Cars, Coffee and California...


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    Think I may have finally figured out the cause of my slow coolant leak. Since there was a lot of steam around the top, seems the Mazdaspeed radiator cap may not have been sealing well enough so topped up the fluids and put on the original radiator cap from FM. Finished up all the last prep to ensure everything was in order ahead of the Spirit Road/ Nico’s 30th anniversary cruise.

    While the hood was up remembered I hadn’t taken a picture of the shiny suspension top mounts. Small detail but nice to have shiny new nuts (but look how many more there are to replace!!!).

    Also decided while I was at it I might as well put the KINOD/ MRLS magnetic door numbers on for a change and then parked up Benny before heading out to dinner.

    The plan the next morning was to meet for Ramen in DTLA then make our way to Mullholland Highway for the drive. When Mrs. R and I showed up in the parking lot a section was already full with Miata’s spilling over onto other floors. Thankfully the rain didn’t damned anyone’s enthusiasm.

    Before heading to Mulholland we made a short detour to stop by the Toretto House and Bob’s market for a little Fast & Furious nostalgia.

    That was the last pic I took since it started pouring buckets. Enjoyed the twisties which were taken at very conservative speeds given the pools of water probably weren’t best suited for R888’s.

    All in all great to be back in the swing of Miata things…

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    Great pics as usual, Pete, jelly of all the cruises. How do the R888s do in the wet and or cold(30s-40s)?
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    You guys have such an active (and nice) community there! I was wondering, since the roundels are originally destined to make car number more visible by providing a contrasting background, wouldn't it be nice re-making the KINOD/ MRLS magnetic door numbers round so to fit over the roundels themselves? Not that they look bad as is...

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