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    06-10-19: First my thoughts/observations on the delrin door bushings. They made MUCH more of a difference on Misfire then they did on Warbird BUT given the amount of bracing(mentioned in my previous post on the door bushings) Warbird had plus the Fat Cat Motorsports coilovers this doesn't surprise me.

    The biggest difference is the noise when you go over bumps/potholes/etc. where as before there was all kind of rattles, no you just here the suspension working(not very well in this case) and feel the bump.

    Misfire "feels" more rigid and while some might doubt this when you think about what the OEM bushing was doing, allowing the door to be a flex point, and now with the delrin door bushing greatly reducing that flex point on the chassis then it makes sense. I definitely recommend these for ANYONE just be aware that the doors do require more effort to close but it is a trade off that is well worth it, IMHO.

    Now on to the reason for the post today. A little over a month ago I bought back a part from Warbird's part out, which I THOUGHT was the 949 Racing rear subfame brace as it works on a NA or NB. When the package shows up it was in a square box that said Beatrush.

    Apparently there was a miscommunication and I got the Beatrush PPF brace which turns out is NA specific and was about a 1" or so too long as I can only presume the NA PPF is shorter.

    No big deal. I sold the Beatrush NA PPF brace and was trying to get the NB version and when talking to Goodwin Racing I found out they made a version of their own in their Roadstersport line, had it in stock and it was over $20 cheaper, so I ordered it and it showed up a few days later.

    Right away I noticed that the welds look MUCH better than the Beatrush version which had pretty lousy looking welds where as the Roadstersport has "dime stacks". I know many don't think this matters but hey if I am paying for it then I want it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Beyond that and the color they essentially are indistinguishable.

    I wasn't fond of the silver and already had plans to use a similar gold hue to what Beatrush uses on various parts so I pressed out the bushings and sleeves from the Roadstersport PPF brace....

    ...and then took it to work and used the media blasting booth to blast it.

    Then I took it to the powder coating shop that my work uses and I had already identified a color that I wanted to use.

    The color is called "Sun Gold" and comparing it to pics and my memory it looks identical to the color Beatrush uses.

    Installing the brace was just a matter of getting Misfire on jack stands, removing the two 19mm bolts from the rear subframe/ladder brace and the two 17mm bolts that go thru the PPF brace.

    For whatever reason the brace didn't want to line up as easily as I thought it had on Warbird but I found that by first starting the PPF bolts and then the rear subframe braces it went in but still took some manual alignment to get the rear subframe bolts started.

    If it wasn't for the alignment issue it would be a 30 minute job start to finish. Now for some more pics!

    Again no driving time yet so will report back with some feedback on the PPF brace once I have some miles with it on Misfire.
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