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    Good time to clean! Excellent progress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kung fu jesus View Post
    Good time to clean! Excellent progress!
    Thank you! I follow your example, been collecting parts to freshen up the interior (new shiny bolts and nuts, heater core, foam strips etc)

    Now a small update, on my seats.

    They were dry, oily and cracked, so I decided to do whatever I could to save them.

    I used a soft brush, a green soap bar and a microfiber towel.

    Make foam, massage it on the seats to agitate the filth, and wipe with the towel.

    After they were reasonably clean and dry I used Meguiars Leather cleaner/conditioner to nourish them, kinda.

    Which kinda worked, the leather is soft to touch, and feels nice

    I found an upper seat cover from a UK model thats in bad condition, but the back piece is intact. Ill have a local shop use it to replace the worn piece on my seat, as its only one side thats torn.

    Thats the drivers side for RHD cars, the other one is in much better shape, so I dont mind it that much.

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    Great progress, keep it up ;)

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