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Thread: 1993 LE 64.5K Miles, $7,500 - Montana


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    1993 LE 64.5K Miles, $7,500 - Montana

    1993 LE ~64.5kMiles, 1 of 1500
    Excellent condition
    Location: Whitefish, Montana (just outside Glacier National Park)

    I bought the car in June 2018 with the intention to keep it for a long time as my fun summer ride. Fast foward 3 months and we've sold our house in preparation for an upcoming work relocation and soon I won't have anywhere to keep it safe in the garage. Overall it's in fantastic condition for the year and it is all original paint as far as I can tell.

    Exterior is in great shape as mentioned above. There are 3 door dings on the drivers door and 2 on the passenger door. Almost invisible unless you're looking directly at them but they're present. I've confirmed that they can be removed using PDR if you're so inclined. Minor scrapes on the bumper cover on passenger front corner and the passenger rear cover. Again, very minor but you can see them if you're looking. Otherwise the paint is in excellent shape and has a fresh coat of wax. I have the original red leather boot cover and tonneau cover that are in great shape and will be include with the sale.

    The top is in excellent condition with no holes or wear. Rear window is decently clear but has some rub wear from the top being folded without unzipping the window. There is a small crack in the window plastic (~1") on the passenger side. I reinforced the area with 3M clear bra vinyl from the inside and installed a decal on the outside. Super minor and I honestly didn't notice it when I bought the car, just didn't want it to turn into anything worse.

    Interior is very nice. The driver's seat bolster had wear on it when I got the car so I spent a decent chunk of time repairing it to the best of my ability. I had matching leather dye mixed that I will include with the car. Overall, you can still see a bit of wear but it's much less readily noticeable. Outside of that panel, the rest of the interior is nearly flawless (including the LE specific metal trim on the door panels).

    When I purchased it there was an aftermarket wood trim kit installed on the dash which had seen better days. I removed all the "wood" pieces except the small squares over the vanity lights in the dash. Those were affixed with a pretty serious looking glue and it looked like I might do more harm than good if I tried to remove them. Not readily visible when you're in the car so it didn't bother me too bad. There is also an aftermarket wood shift knob installed. I believe this was probably installed at the selling dealership but I don't have any way to confirm that. I was tempted to replace it but it actually has a very nice feel to it so I left it for the time being.

    Otherwise, it is 100% stock inside.

    In the short time since I acquired it I performed quite of bit of routine maintenance to make sure it was fresh for summer road tripping. Details below of work done in the last 500 miles:

    - Oil change with Wix Filter (5W30)
    - Transmission drain and fill with Redline MT-90
    - Differential drain and fill with Redlind 75W90
    - Engine air filter
    - New rotors and ceramic pads (Centric)
    - Brake Bleed with DOT3
    - Clutch Bleed

    I believe I'm the fourth owner and the previous owner had owned it since 2002. He didn't keep very thorough records but from what I could tell it got fresh oil and filter each season and rarely drove it more than 2,000 miles a year. He installed new tires shortly before I got it and they're in fantastic shape, I'd say 90% tread left. Not the most performance oriented tires (Michelin Defender) but they've been great for highway cruising. I have another ride that I use for track days/autocross so I didn't see the need to change them out.

    I also installed a Flyin Miata trailer hitch for hauling bikes to trailheads. It has a vertical receiver so when you remove the lower receiver portion it is completely invisible. It'd be great for towing a tire trailer too if you wanted to use it that way although there is not trailer wiring installed.

    I think that about covers it but please contact me with any questions that I haven't covered. I've got 100+ pictures of all areas of the car that I would be happy to email to prospective buyers.



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