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    Parts from Mazda’s Roadster Refresh coming to the USA

    Parts from Mazda’s Roadster Restore program in Japan are coming to the US

    Mazda’s headline at Chicago Auto Show was all about the 30th Anniversary Edition Miata — and its subsequent selling out four hours later — but CEO Masahiro Moro buried an even more exciting Miata revelation in the press conference. Mazda will be bringing the official reproduction parts developed in the Japanese Roadster Restore program to the US. NA Miata owners, rejoice!

    “At Mazda, when our fans talk, we listen and we respond,” Moro proclaimed. “For those who still own the first-generation MX-5 Miata we are very happy to announce the sale of additional restoration parts for the original MX-5 Miata NA in the US.”

    “Several thousand parts are currently available through our dealer network,” said Moro, referring to the existing database of parts that are still in production. “Our fans can be reassured that additional parts, identified by owners and specialty shops, will become available by June of this year.”

    In Japan, you can actually take your entire Roadster in and get it restored, from body and paint to an engine rebuild. It doesn’t sound like that’s the case in the US; it’s just the parts that will become available.

    Mazda didn’t detail exactly which parts, but in Japan they include official reproductions of the original 14 x 5.5J +45 wheels, their center caps, and even the Bridgestone SF 325 185/60 R14 tires, as well as the optional Nardi wood steering wheel and shift knob, floormats, label set, and the fabric convertible top. We’ll have to wait and see which ones make their way stateside.

    Mazda has become the first Japanese automaker to offer a classic restoration program like this in the US (Nissan had a brief period in which they sold fully restored 240Zs, but that was a different proposition). What’s really heartwarming about this program, though, is Mazda’s stated reason for doing it.

    “With this expanded initiative, we continue supporting roadster culture by prolonging the life of the NA model. We know how much all of this will mean to our long-term loyal fans,” Moro explained. “We look forward to seeing these historic vehicles on the road and on the track for years to come.”

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    cmon carpet!

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    That's grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    only a few listed on the mazda website so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phatmiata View Post
    only a few listed on the mazda website so far
    I need to get that steering wheel and vspecial mats
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    Roadster7 was selling a pair of immaculate V-Spec mats for a very good price in here, not sure if still available though.

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