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    My laziness is more powerful than my desire to have a clean car.

    atank can verify this.

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    I've been hunting for a miata on and off and was going to consider a 91 BRG since there's a few on CL in Socal but the bank declined me since she doesn't like the tan interior. So if anyone has any leads to a 93 LE, i'll greatly appreciated!!

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    This popped up on my news feed from the Drive

    One of the world's best-maintained first-generation Miatas we've ever laid eyes on has come up for sale on eBay, and for a bit of a bargain, we must admit: a 1993 Mazda Miata with just 9,489 miles on the odometer.

    Several years ago, when people began to miss the 1990s (and pop-up headlights), most of the good NA Miatas were snapped up, leaving mostly high-mileage or poorly-maintained examples on the market. That's why this particular Miata, which is listed for sale on eBay right now, is very special.

    It's an ultra-low mileage vehicle with just 9,489 on the odometer, but it isn't a car that had to be dug from underneath a collapsed barn and cleaned of decades' worth of rodent droppings. The interior is showroom-pristine complete with cheesy embroidered floor mats, while the engine looks like it hasn't even been cranked yet. Even better, it's a rare sub-model, the Limited Edition, which was a 1993-only package limited to 1,500 cars globally, and is the reason for the blinding red leather interior.

    At $17,900 (or best offer) for a 27-year-old car, it may seem like a bad deal, but consider what a new Miata actually cost back in the day. A 1990 model started at $13,800, which is the better part of $26,700 today, and the Limited Edition would've been a bit more on top of that. Considering that you'd get a like-new vehicle for barely two thirds its inflation-adjusted original price—one that's liable to appreciate with those charming flip-up headlights that no longer exist—this Miata could be the classic car bargain of the year. Move fast if you want it to be yours.

    Introduced in 1989, the first-gen ("NA") Mazda Miata (or MX-5 in the rest of the world) became the overnight heartthrob of the public and motoring journalists alike. It boasted all the joys of a classic British roadster—two seats, rear-wheel-drive, and a folding roof—but none of the downsides, such as questionable build quality or Lucas Industries electrical systems. The NA Miata spawned a 30-year sports car dynasty that continues to its day, surviving economic ups and downs and changing consumer preferences by sticking to its guns: simplicity and minimal weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarryB View Post
    Yes it just made it on eBay the other night as well, this 1993 LE Miata has been getting a LOT of attention lately, I might as well post up the information here for historical data

    1993 Mazda Miata MX-5 - Limited Edition -ONLY 9K ORIGINAL MILES - Black on Red

    Classified ad price:US $17,900.00

    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.10.24 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.10.46 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.11.11 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.11.37 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.11.51 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.27.59 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.28.19 PM.jpg

    1993 Mazda Miata MX-5 LE
    *****Only9k Miles*****

    3 owners

    VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JM1NA3512P1407358

    *Clean Carfax
    *1 of 1500 LE's Produced
    *5 speed manual
    *Brilliant Black over Red leather
    *14" BBS wheels
    *Limited-Slip differential
    *Matching Hardtop
    *Clean Carfax
    *Detailed engine compartment
    *Interior shows excellent
    *Front and rear spoiler, rear skirt
    *Headrest speakers

    You can see what manuals we have in the photo's sitting on the passenger seat. Not many low mileage 93LE's are left. This may be your last chance to own one of the best.

    *Watching doesn't buy a nice car like with confidence or call to make offers! Vehicle is for sale locally and auction may end at any time without notice to ebay. We do encourage all bidders to call before bidding to answer any questions and check availability. If you need the vehicle shipped please call for rates. All vehicles must be paid in full before shipping. Vehicle is sold as-is. We encourage that buyers inspect vehicle or arrange appraiser to come to our dealership and inspect vehicle. Michigan residents to pay 6% sales tax or anyone planning on driving this vehicle home where they cannot present a bill of laden. In those cases when registering the vehicle in your state you will receive a credit from what was paid at time of purchase. We only accept paypal for deposit due to paypal fees. OVER 90% of our ebay sales are not completed online so please call to discuss if you are a serious buyer. $95 Documentation fee on all purchases.


    We do not give any BUY IT NOW prices by email, but you can email or call with your questions on the vehicle or for a shipping quote. Don't get fooled by low bids, the real buyers are calling and making offers. We sell 70% of our vehicles before the auction ends.. SO PLEASE CALL FOR FULL DESCRIPTION.

    This vehicle is for sale by Showdown Motors Inc. Showdown Motors and Super Sport Auto Sales are two different/separate entities and should not be referred to as one in the same. Showdown Motors Inc. purchases its inventory from private individuals, other licensed dealers, and from auctions. These vehicles are purchased in "AS-IS" condition and shall be sold as per the terms of the β€œBUYERS GUIDE” presented and signed at the time of sale. We do not and cannot represent 100% authenticity unless it is available. We are happy to show our customers the engine casting number, VIN numbers, tags, engine stamping, and transmission codes, we DO NOT GUARANTEE that the motor or any other part or component is in fact the original or that it is correct for this car. There is ALWAYS the possibility of restamped motors and as technology improves there will be even more. We cannot guarantee the originality of this vehicle or any part on this vehicle, including but not limited to the Engine, the Transmission, "matching numbers", color changes, data tag, the frame or any documentation. The entire risk as to the originality and the inspection of this vehicle before purchase is up to the Buyer. Showdown Motors Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any typographical error that might be found in any of our advertising including the Internet. This will include any errors made in the description, color, price, or equipment listed for all being advertised for sale by Showdown Motors Inc. All prices listed on this website are discounted cash price.

    All sales are final so please feel free to do a pre-buy inspection.

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    This seller is located not too far from where I work.
    I have stopped by ShowDownMotors before and most of their cars were NOT in pristine condition while being way overpriced. Most were wore out classic cars with a paint job. But that was several years ago.
    This car could be an exception.
    If anyone is serious about this car I could drop by and give it an inspection and take additional pictures. Also inquire on the latest asking price.
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    This one in Derry, NH has been discussed at length elsewhere... I believe the story is that it has a salvage title from Texas. 39K miles, hardtop, $10K ask.

    The same can be said for most of Expoline's inventory. They buy salvage and/or damaged cars at auction and then either rebuild, repair, or part them out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MLambert19 View Post

    This one in Derry, NH has been discussed at length elsewhere... I believe the story is that it has a salvage title from Texas. 39K miles, hardtop, $10K ask.

    The same can be said for most of Expoline's inventory. They buy salvage and/or damaged cars at auction and then either rebuild, repair, or part them out.

    Screenshot (104).png

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    That engine doesn't look very clean to me. I wonder if those are the original miles.

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