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Thread: NC Miata buying guide


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    There is a growing aftermarket for the NC. Goodwin Racing has detailed a number of different builds for the NC. I know you can stuff a LOT of tire under the fenders.

    I, too, noticed the pricing overlap. I think if I was in your position, I would be looking at them as well.

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    Hate to admit it, but NC's are better all-rounders. They seem big and heavy, but truth is that driving experience is very close to NB's. Aftermarket IS there, but prices are quite a lot higher. Good thing is that their ECU can be remapped, so you can save money on that front; I actually know a guy running a turbocharged 1.8 NC on the factory remapped ECU, and he has recently done a 2.5 swap, turboed that, again on factory remapped ECU. They also run EV14 injectors which are modern and can be easily replaced with larger ones without need of adapters etc; something to factor in if looking for power upgrades as it will save you a decent amount of money there. There are also decent cheap handling upgrades; RX8 sways and RX8 brakes amongst them.

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    The insurance company has contacted me and assigned a special adjuster to me so as to include the value of upgrades and overall condition of my NB. So far, so good....

    For an NB, I don't fear a car with 150,000 miles on it- having had great luck with them still being a solid car. My question on the NC: Is there a mileage limit that things start going bad at?
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