Just a brief note about this sub-forum, what you can expect from it, and why.

As the forum title says, this is a place for you to post bugs and suggestions. Please do, and we'll do our best to act on or at least address your post ASAP. But, before you post, try doing a search to see if your issue has already been brought up before and how it was resolved. You can bring it up again if you feel it is necessary, but you might save us the trouble of telling you "we addressed that 3 weeks ago" if you do a search before posting.

Bugs, we'll try to fix if we can (some of them are bugs... sometimes even unloved features... of the forum software that we can't fix). Suggestions, you need to understand, are just that: suggestions. We'll take them under advisement and frequently we'll say "that's a good idea, we should do that" and act on it right away, but sometimes we might just say no. If we say no, we're not begging for an argument and we don't necessarily owe you an explanation, just accept that we acknowledged your suggestion and move on. (most people get that, but a few don't)

This isn't intended to be a "big discussion" section of the forum. If the mods or admins feel that an option needs to be discussed with the members at large, they'll create a thread in Random Chat where everyone is welcome to dive in and discuss. Here, we prefer to keep things brief and to the point. Yeah, it's not as much fun, but it allows us to get more done with the time we have available to administer the forum, which ultimately makes this a nicer forum.

We might "moderate" a little harder in this forum, possibly deleting irrelevant posts that might stand in other areas of the site, or editing out a part of your post that is not relevant to the discussion. We may even move a thread to another forum if we feel the discussion warrants it. Don't take any of this personally, we're just trying to keep things on topic and accomplish the goal of this forum, which is to improve MazdaRoadster.net.