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  1. Looking for a part? *** READ THIS ADVICE *** Caveat Emptor
  2. Found WTB Chaparral Wheels, Brilliant Black, Silver, or Gunmetal
  3. Expired Soft top
  4. Expired WTB: 94-95 m45 powercard or mspnp
  5. Expired zoom tail lights or similar.
  6. Expired A/C Compressor
  7. Expired beige/parchment interior stuff
  8. Found wtb: pass rear caliper
  9. Expired wtb:90-97 brake booster W/O abs
  10. Expired WTB Voodoo BLACK polished pistol grip knob
  11. Expired Wanted: LNC 1.6 or 1.8 powered miata in so cal
  12. Expired WTB 90' Seat buckle
  13. Expired low mile LNC 1.6 or 1.8 (SoCal)
  14. Found LE Carpet and/or Door Cards
  15. Expired Upgrades for my NA - suspension, manual trans, rear end, complete turbo setup, etc..
  16. Expired Wheel Spacers
  17. Expired front bumper cover with hardware
  18. Expired M2 Vitaloni mirrors
  19. Expired Koni sport shock absorbers
  20. Expired 94-97 NA (90-93 are ok too)
  21. Expired Driver's side rear quarter panel
  22. Expired WTB: Mazdaspeed MX5 Racing Hart wheels
  23. Expired WTB 1.6 LNC or 1.8 SoCal
  24. Expired Center caps
  25. Expired WTB: 90-93 Gauge Cluster Hood
  26. Expired Tan seat covers (Leather or Vinyl)
  27. Expired WTB: RoadsterSport3 Muffler for NB
  28. Found WTB: drivers side barn door (red)
  29. Expired WTB Toyo R888 205/50/15
  30. Expired Gv or r package lips
  31. Found WTB Bossfrog Doublehoop
  32. Found wtb: 95 brake master cylinder
  33. Expired wtb vintage mazda nardi horn button
  34. Found WTB Black Soft Top Boot 2000
  35. Expired need parts
  36. Expired KG Works cluster
  37. Expired Aem fic
  38. Expired WTB: NB HVAC Controls - black
  39. Found WTB: NA6 gauge hood
  40. Found WTB: Soft Top Front Latches
  41. Expired WTB 99-00 Valve Cover
  42. Expired WTB: Unbroken Wiper Cowl
  43. Expired WTB: Helper springs & guides
  44. Expired WTB Coilovers
  45. Expired WTB/WTT need a miata for a family member!
  46. Expired 93 LE Seat Leather Scraps
  47. Expired LE/STO trunk spoiler
  48. Expired WTB NA shorty rear mud gaurds
  49. Expired Nardi steering wheel hub
  50. Expired WTB NA short rear mud guards
  51. Expired Extended Lugs
  52. Expired Red NB gauge cluster needles
  53. Expired Hardtop in Socal.
  54. Expired Front and rear R package lips
  55. Expired Smurf Blue body bits. Preferably.
  56. Expired WTB: 2.5" intercooler pipe
  57. Expired Rennenmetal Hardtop Brackets
  58. Expired 01-05 seats
  59. Found 99-05 body parts, FML!
  60. Expired NA WTB 1993 14" le bbs centercaps
  61. Expired NB Interior Parts
  62. Expired WTB, Items for my NA 1996
  63. Found WTB: factory luggage rack
  64. Expired VENDORS/People who might have a Prothane Bushing Kit lying around - WTB 64409
  65. Expired Hard Top striker plates screws
  66. Expired WTB: Soft top
  67. Expired NA Dashboard.
  68. Found Independent gauge cluster rings
  69. Expired Need a 1.8 Valve cover ASAP
  70. Expired Personal Steering Wheel Hub
  71. Expired Torsen Want
  72. Found Removable Luggage Rack
  73. Expired WTB r-package front and rear lips.
  74. Found WTB: Non-A/C Fan Knob
  75. Expired WTB: NA headlight relay ASAP so cal
  76. Expired WTB: Hardtop
  77. Expired Convertible Top Boot (Black)
  78. Expired 2009 > Stock Mesh Grille
  79. Expired NB rear brakes
  80. Found WTB Rota RB Center Caps
  81. Expired Wtb: 99-05 hood
  82. Expired KG Works Vintage Shift Knob
  83. NA Aluminum window cranks
  84. NA Roadster mats & steeringwheel
  85. NA Sliding Rearview Mirror
  86. NA 1.8 driveshaft
  87. NA Fender side maker (Zoom,RS)
  88. Found One Rear Shock
  89. NB Mazda speed intake cam
  90. NA WTB Link or MSPNP or similar for 1.6 NA (got SC need brain)
  91. Expired WTB: NA front and rear bumper covers
  92. Found 01+ Center Console (Black If Possible) Wanted!
  93. NA+NB WTB 15x8 Wheels
  94. NA WTB Miata hardtop for 1992
  95. Found 2001-2002 ECU and Engine Wiring Harness
  96. NA Gear knob
  97. NA Wtb: NA6
  98. Expired luggage rack (removable)
  99. Found Power Window Conversion "Kit"
  100. Expired Nielex Tombstone
  101. Expired JRSC 1.6l
  102. Expired Wtb: Deployed na airbag connector blue
  103. Expired WTB: Seat adapter
  104. Expired elise brackets NA
  105. Expired WTB Black Seats
  106. Found WTB: Momo Monte Carlo 350mm Steering Wheel
  107. Expired WTB - KG Works Tsi
  108. Expired WTB LE Red Dash
  109. Expired WTB: Sway Bar
  110. Expired Fujitsubo RM01A Exhaust
  111. Expired WTB: VVT head
  112. Found WTB Stock NA suspension. SoCal
  113. Found MSM rear spoiler
  114. Expired WTB: 15mm spacers
  115. Expired Bipes
  116. Expired WTB: TDR Header heat shield
  117. Expired WTB: Front Driver's Side Fender
  118. Expired Soft top w/ glass window
  119. Found Panasport Pro Rally
  120. Expired Looking for Monsterflow Intake
  121. Expired Goodwin Racing Carbon Fiber Intake Kit
  122. Found Spare tire mounting disc and bolt for NA
  123. Found WTB: 63mm Watanabe SILVER Center Caps
  124. Expired WTB: Blue and White Mazda Nose Badge
  125. Found Wheels: Lightweight 4x100 15-inch (that fit over 2003-2005 Miata sport brakes)
  126. Expired NEED 1.6 turbo mani ASAP!!!
  127. Expired Touge Run 2001+ Lip
  128. Found WTB: 90-93 tombstone
  129. Found Gold Rear Miata and Mazda Emblem (Gold Chrome)
  130. Found WTB. SoCal Stock 14's.
  131. Found WTB SoCal. Black Hood.
  132. Expired 16 tires
  133. Expired Stock NB midpipe
  134. Found WTB: 1.6 Header
  135. Found WTB: GV Tail light conversion
  136. Expired Intake crossover tube(monsterflow, AEM, ARC, K&N)
  137. Expired WTB Flyin Miata Gen 2 springs for NA
  138. Expired Apr gtc200 wing with risers
  139. Expired Apr or slick auto carbon fiver mirrors
  140. Found 04 MSM racing Hart Rim - I Need Just One - Please Help - Or PF01 set
  141. Expired WTB: Stock or cheap exhaust
  142. Found Front End Cover For 95 NA
  143. Expired Stainless Steel Door Sill Plates For 95NA
  144. Expired BOUNTY!!! $100 for a set of 98-02 KL Solid lifters
  145. Expired 205 40 17
  146. Expired NA 1.6 Fuel Components
  147. Expired WTB: NB2 Driver Side Tail Light
  148. Expired WTB: 550cc PNP Injectors
  149. Expired WTB: NB dash
  150. Expired Mazdaspeed Muffler
  151. Expired Looking for a good condition AC Condenser in SoCal
  152. Expired WTB: Carbon Fiber Mirrors!
  153. Expired Wanted; 91-91 NA6 Manual Harness
  154. Found WTB: red marker lights
  155. Expired Driver side baby tooth tow hook & NRG thin quick release
  156. Expired KGW Gauge pod
  157. Expired 1.8 Dipstick and M2 Incorporated steering wheel
  158. Expired Looking for NA OEM Decklid with lip spoiler.
  159. Expired bunch of NA Parts
  160. Expired KGW rearview mirror
  161. Expired Rear Mud Flaps for 1994 NA
  162. Closed NA tail lights to experiment on
  163. Found Want to buy: OEM muffler for 2000 Miata LS (Norcal sale only)
  164. Expired DK's WTB List
  165. Expired WTB KG works rear spoiler
  166. Closed Aftermarket Exhaust (midpipe and axle-back)
  167. Expired WTB Supercharger for kit for 1.6L miata
  168. Found WTB: 5-point Harness x2
  169. Expired 205 50 15 S Drive
  170. Expired WTB 440 cc high impedance injectors
  171. Any WTB: 2 pillar GAUGE POD!
  172. Expired WTB 90-97 RHD Clip
  173. Expired WTB Jackson Racing SC kit MP45 and test pipe 1.6l
  174. Found Aftermarket intake kit for NBs
  175. Expired WTB Worn Lotus seats
  176. Found 1.8 protege valve cover/NB rear defroster plug
  177. Expired Looking for a great/perfect condition 94-97 chaste white drivers side front fender.
  178. Expired WTB: Steering wheel, nardi, personal, momo, etc.
  179. Expired WTB: Coilover sleeves and/or springs
  180. Expired wtb: KMC 78 wheels 15x8 any usable condition!
  181. Found WTB: Lower Timing Cover
  182. Expired WTB KG Works inner door pullers or Aerodramatics
  183. Expired WTB Mint LE Carpet
  184. Expired 949racing Xida extra height bushings.
  185. Expired WTB: Rollbar for 1992 Miata
  186. Found Wtb front lip for nb1 GV or togue run anything really
  187. Found WTB Runabout M2 Mirrors
  188. Expired soft top, stock turn signals housings, and NA headlight assembly.
  189. Expired WTB: 3 point strut tower brace.
  190. Expired WTB NC coilovers
  191. Expired Wtb: Na hardtop! Socal local
  192. Expired CA- southern hood fender headlight bumper
  193. Expired Early NB steering wheel with airbag
  194. NA WANTED-- Jackson Racing M45 Supercharger
  195. Found WTB nice OEM center console
  196. NA+NB WTB 949 racing 15X9 6UL's
  197. Found One Lotus Elise seat (black).
  198. NA WTB: 14x6 OEM BBS
  199. Found WTB: Flipside Customs Lotus Elise / Miata conversion brackets.
  200. Found (WTB) Mazdaspeed bonnet badge
  201. Expired WTB NA Tokico Illumina (front)
  202. Expired Need Information on the Mazdaspeed bumper and lip. Please help.
  203. Expired KG Works rear spoiler for miata
  204. Expired Wtb rails mounts for recaro
  205. Expired WTB 93 LE Parts.
  206. Expired HKS Cam Gears for NA Miata
  207. Expired Wtb 1991 brg
  208. Expired Help wanted near Sacramento
  209. Any (WTB) Mazdaspeed Sports seats
  210. Expired WTB: Road&Ster magazines No 31 and 47
  211. Expired WTB a driver side manual window regulator
  212. Expired Wtb mariner blue miata!!!socal. $2100
  213. Expired WTB a bunch of NA parts.
  214. Expired WTB: Steering wheel
  215. Expired WTB black door panels/center console
  216. Expired 1.8l crank shaft
  217. Expired RyokuRob Elise Seat Brackets
  218. Expired not sure of the name on this trunk
  219. Expired WTB: NA 1.6 Tombstone/radio surround
  220. Expired Wanted: NA Miata!
  221. Expired WTB: NB Hood
  222. Expired WTB Seat Belts and Receivers (early NA) One bolt from later NA
  223. Expired WTB: Working Motor, near Tampa FL
  224. Expired WTB hardtop near lompoc, CA 93436
  225. Expired Na6 JDM Radio Bezel
  226. Expired WTB: Racing Beat 4-2-1 tri-y header for 1.6L
  227. Expired MSM Headlights
  228. Expired WTB 1991 E-brake wood handle assembly
  229. Expired WTB: Rokkor or Raceland Helper Springs
  230. Expired WTB NB OEM front lip
  231. Expired WTB: 1999 Miata
  232. Expired **Wanted** RS Active Type 2
  233. Found 1.6 cluster hood and tombstone
  234. Expired ITB"S for 1.8L
  235. Expired WTB Megan Street Ez
  236. Found Clockspring
  237. Expired WTB: Axleback or Catback exhaust for NB1
  238. Found Centerstack cubby
  239. NB Borla Dual Tip Sport exhaust
  240. Found WTB: mazdaspeed B-spec wheel
  241. Expired Drivers Fender in White!
  242. Expired WTB: exhaust and headers
  243. Expired WTB NA dimmer switch
  244. NA Retro/vintage rear view mirror.
  245. NA WTB: 1.8L Engine and/or crankshaft
  246. NA WTB: R Package Lips (FL)
  247. Found WTB - Carbontrix tombstone cover
  248. NA WTB Clean NA stock or few mods
  249. NA WTB: AEM Wideband O2 Sensor, MS DIYPNP, 550cc injectors, 6ul rims/wheels, Walbro FP
  250. Found WTB: 95M Seats