View Full Version : SOCM, Sept. 8 2012, If You're JDM and You Know It Clap Your Hands

09-08-2012, 01:19 PM

Come on out! Newbs welcome!
About 2 blocks off of the 5 freeway, south off of the Alicia exit.

24801 Alicia Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4654

Starts at 8pm
Ends, whenever

Across from the Carl's Jr parking lot, directly across the street from the Mazda Dealership.

Do you like it when your car scrapes? You say no? Okay. Enter near Carl's Jr. Otherwise, enter near the ATM or at the gas station so that we can all laugh at you as your car's frame rails are smashed into tiny little pieces.

No burnouts
No drifting
No revving your VTECs