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09-23-2012, 05:47 PM
The ever popular MX5Nutz series of Winter Super Peaks Meets makes a triumphant return

Yep, thats right, the show season is trailing off, and we are facing the long cold hard winter, but before we descend into the grim months we have one last hurrah up our sleeves......

Everyone remember the other Peaks Super Meets we have had? You know the ones - a series of local meets, all convoying into the Peak District to culminate in a huge gathering of MX5Nutz up at the legendary Cat and Fiddle just out side Buxton

its great to meet a load of Nutz, and have a nice relaxed day. and it is the time of year when we do it all again (and if we stay true to form, then at the other end of winter we will kick off the new season with another meet )

So When is it?
Sunday 28th October at 2PM

Where is it?
At the Cat and Fiddle just outside Buxton

How do we get there?
Traditionally we have a bunch of meets in Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Stoke, Cheshire (and anywhere else that people want to run a convoy from) and then convoy to the Cat and fiddle.

We are all about an hour to an hour and a half away from buxton, so we are thinking local meets starting about 10:30, setting off between 12:30 - 13:00. that way anyone who just wants a local meet can see all their local nutzers for an hour or so, then, if they don't wanna go to the peaks they can go home for lunch. and others that are more interested in the peaks part can turn up a little closer to leaving time.

So, one last hurrah before winter sets in!!

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10-28-2012, 03:24 AM
OK, so this is today... in a traditional British way the weather forecast is for light rain all day with a high temperature of 6 degrees... ah well we're all way too stubborn / british to take any notice of that, so there's about 40 of us going I think... first real drive in my car since its been on the road so I'm packing lots of tools!!

My kids are obviously concerned I'd oversleep so being kind and considerate they woke me up at 3.25am and refused to go back to sleep! So its now 8am and I've already changed the wheels over (6ULs look nice but the 225 profile Toyo R888s might not be the best for twisty mountain roads in the wet!), checked oil / water levels, fitted an undertray, packed the tools and some food, packed all my waterproofs, warm jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves etc... I'm wondering given the severe weather warning for later on if I shouldn't just go in the canoe...