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04-29-2014, 03:37 PM

Moss Miata Powered Shorty Raked Antenna (S2000 Style)
MOSS #906-185 (1989-2005 Mazda Miata)

Stubby Style Antenna
directly replaces a powered or non powered antenna in all Miatas from 90-05.

Never have to worry about your antenna mast breaking off or snagging something again!

This antenna is also powered to provide a superior reception upgrade to the stock one.
It is extremely light weight in comparison to the heavy powered assembly.
*you do not have to run power to this, it is optional (better reception)

We have a few extra ones here that we're doing spring cleaning.

We only have a few in stock, so once they're gone they're gone for that price.

We have sold many of these and most people like them because they resemble the S2000
antennas. These are powered so they provide an upgrade to looks AND reception over stock.

If you stock powered antenna is busted or is missing the mask, this unit is definitely
for you. For the price of an OEM mask, you get a whole new unit. This unit is optimized
for a Miata and comes with antenna harness as well as a power harness..


Let us know if you would like one shipped out!

MSRP on these are $49.99 and Moss has them currently on sale for $46.95 + SH

We have them on special for $43.99

We usually sell these for $46.99 + shipping.

Original Price from MOSS (PLUS SHIPPING)

-- Product Description --

Our Miatas are small and the antenna should be too! Update your Miata's look with a shorty raked antenna. At just 7" long, the black mast sits at a raked angle, and is easily unscrewed for removal if you have a car cover without a hole. Antenna is wired for power but you may get less radio reception than the stock tall mast antenna.

-Great factory look, and no more moving parts
-Works with Powered and Non Powered Antenna Cars
-Perfect fit
-Easy to install!
-Plug and play (100% reversible)
-No drilling
-Comes with instructions from Moss!

04-29-2014, 11:51 PM
Much nicer than that goofy stock antenna.

05-01-2014, 04:14 PM
We've had a great response to the Raked Antenna Sale! Get your orders in soon! We'll be shipping everybody's order altogether early next week! Thanks for your support guys!

05-03-2014, 05:39 PM
cant wait. I hate that my HD radio keeps switching from HD to analog because of my crappy, broken power antenna.

05-06-2014, 02:13 PM

Here's the master list, we plan to ship most of it out tomorrow.

05-07-2014, 04:49 PM
Ok ladies and gentlemen. The master list has been updated.
Your paypal transaction will have the tracking number added to it.
If we cannot add it there, we will PM you your tracking info.

Thank you guys for participating in this group buy.

We are closing this group buy out. We have 2 Antennas left at this price.
The 2 persons who expressed interest but never sent in payment will forfeit their

If you want to jump on, this is your LAST CALL! Once they are gone, we will
no longer offer this deal. This offer to jump on ends tonight at midnight (5/7)

05-08-2014, 01:37 AM
I'll take one of the two you have left.

PM sent before midnight...


Stupid hurts
05-08-2014, 03:18 AM
I'll pick up the other one locally! Sent a PM to Jon.

05-18-2014, 04:24 PM
We have a couple of these left. This is last call for this. We are closing this deal by the end of the night.

Thank you guys for participating in this special, and we are glad you guys got to take advantage of this deal.