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    Forum Netiquette & Rules

    Complete Updated List is here

    Registering an account is an acknowledgement that you intend to follow the rules and decorum of the MazdaRoadster.net (MR) forum. What follows are rules created by the MR Administration. The Administration reserves the right to alter, enforce, add, or waive any rules for any specific member at any time.

    1. Respect Your Fellow Members. Everyone has their own tastes, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how wrong it may seem to you. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion in a constructive manner. Don't be snappy or a know it all. People don't appreciate such an attitude and it leads to a cold-feeling forum.

    2. No flaming or foul language. Flaming makes for a negative atmosphere and it will not be tolerated. That means you should avoid yelling at and needlessly criticizing other members cars, opinions, tastes, etc. Race/Religion and gender/sexual preference bashing are NOT tolerated on this site. We are here for the love of our cars, not negative attitudes !

    3. No Unacceptable Material Any images posted on the site, including Avatars, file attachments, profile images, gallery images, and signatures must be appropriate for a work safe environment. Our standards for "appropriate" mean:

    * No full nudity xxx posts
    * No profanity or vulgarity
    * No illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
    * No strong sexual suggestiveness
    * No explicit violence (suicide, death, etc.)
    * No Spam (advertising a company or service)

    Basically, if you think your image may not be appropriate for someone to view in front of their mother, don't post it. Remember, this site is designed for Miata enthusiasts to help each other with their cars, not a repository for explicit imagery. Any image that does not comply with our standards will be subject to review by admin/mod staff for removal.

    4. No Fighting over the internet. Its lame. Don't do it. If you have a problem with someone, take it to private messages or email. Nobody wants to watch people argue online. Members are not allowed to attack other members or groups of members by means of ; insults, arguing, ridiculing, of other members. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to a warning and the offending posts removed or the topic locked. Personal attacks will get you a warning and possibly banned.

    5. No Post whoring, or posting messages for the sole purpose of increasing one's post count, is not allowed. If you need to test your signature, please use the test area in the forum. Any user who excessively post whores will have their post count deducted by double the number of "whore" posts.

    6. Images in your signature Are allowed but required to be no larger than 500x100 pixels and no larger than 20Kb in size.
    In addition, images cannot contain company or commercial links unless you are an authorized vendor. Signature use is a privilege, but not a right. As with posting privileges, signature privileges are subject to Administrators' & Moderator review and may be suspended or revoked with or without notice. No Spam Please (that's advertising a company or service that is not a paid sponsor here)

    7. Please post in the correct topic areas. If a message doesn't fit that topic it will be moved to the correct location. If you have non-Miata related discussion, please use the Off-Topic areas.

    8. Use descriptive subject lines and "key" words your post. Example: "New suspension XYZ installed on my Miata." and not "my car has moar looow" It makes it easier for people to find what they do/don't want to read, and helps the "search" tab work properly.

    9. Do not cross post. Posting the same message in more than one topic area is not welcome and multiple posts are subject to deletion.

    10. Selling on the forum. If you have a item you want to sell please post it for sale in the "Classifieds" section. Any posts found outside of this area will be moved or deleted. NOTE: If you are a business owner advertising your products, we ask that you sign up for a sponsor account and offer your products for sale in our Vendor Marketplace. If you are not an authorized vendor and post products for sale without permission your thread will be deleted and your account can/will be banned.

    11. NO COMMERCIAL SIGNATURES. This is reserved for "PAYING" Sponsors of this forum. Any member who links to a commercial related or non-forum sponsor site in their signature profile will be warned and have this signature removed by admin/mod staff. This action is necessary due to a large number of spammers linking to sites with inappropriate content as well as vendors trying to "loop hole" the system.

    12. No "Post Jacking". Post jacking is replying to a thread with something that is completely off the topic of the thread.

    13. Please use the SEARCH feature before you post a question. It is very likely that someone has already posted your question. Feel free to resurrect old threads to ask more questions if you feel you did not get the answer you need, but do not bring up old threads just to be silly. At the same time if you see someone asking for help to find information do not attack them with "use the search noob" comments. Everyone was a new person at one time or another, and sometimes folks are looking for more than what the search feature offers. So be courteous to your fellow members.

    14. Do not share account info And do not under ANY circumstances give your login information to someone else. Any use or abuse of your account by someone else will be treated in the same manner as if it were you using your account. If you believe that your user account has been compromised, notify a moderator immediately and change your password.

    15. Only One Account is Allowed Per Person. Every person is granted one MazdaRoadster.net forum account. A person is not permitted to have more than one account. Administrators (Admins) have the ability to find out if a person does have a dupe or excess account, and if such is discovered, a penalty can be issued such as a infraction and/or ban. Creation of multiple accounts will result in probation of original account, and termination of additional accounts.

    16. NO Baiting/Flaming/Trolling. Trying to get members into an argument for no good reason is not allowed.

    17. Respect those in Authority here. The Administrators and Moderators here at MazdaRoadster.net work very hard for the Miata community for no gain to themselves, they do their best to help here so please respect their efforts.

    18. Don't be a prick!

    19. For Rules on the Trade, Free, Giveaway, and Raffle Contests, Please view the Rules thread in that forum as it changes constantly!

    Our moderating staff typically works on a three-strikes-and-you're-out basis. However if the staff deems the offense great enough you will get banned outright with no warning. This is a privately owned and operated site so don't abuse the site, or we will show you the door. Users violating forum rules may be issued a warning via forum notification / infraction or a Private Message from a Moderator. If there is a second offense, the account can be put on probation ban for a period of a few days or weeks. If a third offense occurs, the account will be subject to increased ban length. Creating another user account during probation is grounds for a permanent ban. Your ban is a "cooling off" period, and not a "how can I get around the system" period. If you are caught manipulating the system we can/will ban your IP address and/or delete access to your account.

    These rules may be updated at any time. If any changes are made to these rules, a notice will be posted in the Site News area on the forum.

    Classified Posting Rules

    Complete List Updated here



    Commercial sellers, if you intend on advertising anything on this forum, whatsoever, you are required to first contact the site Admin. If you own a business, and want to run sales on this site via posting ads or group buy threads, you will need to follow the rules. Any Shops, Stores, Distributors, Group Buys posted without being first authorized will see your account get terminated, and IP address banned.

    To ALL MEMBERS, The MazdaRoadster Marketplace is a great place to get a good deal on many items for your Miatas. We provide the classifieds section as a benefit of MazdaRoadster membership. As such we have some common-sense steps outlined in the rules below that we expect everyone to follow.

    Anyone who does not comply with these rules will be warned and possibly banned from the classifieds or from MazdaRoadster. For your safety and the safety of others, please comply with the Classifieds rules and read the buyers advice at the end of the rules outlined. If you see anything suspicious or have a questionable sale sent to you via PM, please push the report a post button or contact a moderator.

    MazdaRoadster.net assumes no ownership or risk in your purchases in the Classifieds - the transaction is between you and the seller.

    The Ad Process: BUYERS MUST CONTACT SELLERS in the sellers thread that you want to buy the item and then PM the seller.

    This has historically been a problematic and unfortunate mess on other forums however we are determined to make MiataRoadster.net classifieds more efficient, positive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

    Buyers and Sellers will now be able to reply in the for sale threads to indicate any updates to their ads or answer questions that have been addressed to them. The site-wide time limit on editing the original and subsequent posts still applies.

    ** ETIQUETTE in the Classifieds section **

    - The Classifieds section is a service provided by MazdaRoadster.net for our members. The purpose of this section of the forum is to support advertising private-party member-to-member transactions for Miata-related items. Examples include seats, tire and wheel sets, body pieces, suspension, etc.

    - The Classifieds section is NOT a forum for bashing, flaming, or thread-crapping on what is being offered, it's price, or who it is that's offering it. Take that to PM if you have a legitimate issue as a potential buyer! Don't Troll!

    - If you want to discuss or learn more about some type of item you see in the Classifieds section, please post your questions and comments in the proper discussion forum, and NOT in that persons ad.
    For example; if you wondered about a Ram-Air Intake offered in the Classifieds section - you would post your questions in section called "N/A BREATHING Intake and Exhaust" to learn more or discuss the advantages/disadvantages of having it.

    - No Flaming, No bashing, No trolling, No price policing etc. This type of behavior is NOT tolerated and is subject to instant deletion without warning!! If your reply to an ad is not directly inquiring about the product you wish to purchase it may be removed without notice. Just as it is everywhere else on the forum. So please be respectful of your fellow members.

    Rules for Sellers

    Otherwise your thread may be locked or removed without warning. Please do not PM the moderator to re-open your thread if it is closed because you did not post a price, you must re-post the item from scratch.

    This is to establish that you actually have the item, and also that members can judge for themselves the condition of the item for sale. You must use your own photo showing your own part, not someone else's photo of an item "just like" the one you're selling.

    You must either include a location in your ad, or have it listed in your profile!
    We highly recommend use of the 'location' title prefix (state code) when you post your thread to allow members to easily search for local / nearby sale items. ie; (FL), (TX), (CA), (GA) etc. Also you can update your profile in the "settings" tab so that members can see your location.

    You are NOT allowed to post off-forum links to your ads in the For sale section, this includes but is not limited to; Online Auctions, eBay, Craigslist, Scoomer Auctions, U-Bid, etc.
    However, you can post an interest thread in the main forums appropriate section in case you feel some members "may" be interested, or for a reference or just to chat about a part you have found that is of interest.
    NO Commercial Business ads without Admin consent!

    No spamming multiple sections of our forum or our classifieds sections with your for sale items. This means pick one and only one classified section to post your item for sale in, even if it possibly pertains to several Miata models. You can however place URL links to posted classified ads, or partouts from our forum in your profile or signature, that is fine on our forum.

    No vendors, dealers, brokers or service providers of any kind may post either individual or group buy items for sale here without the Administrator's approval. If you acquire items in quantity of the same item with the intent of offering them for resale here, you are considered a dealer under this rule. Please get with the site admin if you wish to sell on here as a sponsor. Your threads WILL get removed without warning!

    People interested in purchasing must be able to contact you via PM, email or phone.

    You can push your thread up (bump) HOWEVER, * DO NOT * Bump your thread more than once per week!
    This rule is to allow fair visibility to all our members selling other items in the same forum as your item. If you ignore this rule the moderation staff reserves the right to lock your ad for a period of at least 1 week, or remove your ad completely if you continue to bump your own ad after you have had the ad locked previously.

    You must personally own and be accountable for the condition and delivery of the item for sale. If your "Friend" wants to sell his/her item they can register like everyone else and post their items for sale.

    On MazdaRoadster you CANNOT list for sale any of the following items in any section of our forum! Selling these items anywhere in the forum in the classifieds section or anywhere else on this forum will get you banned:

    A) NO bootlegged software, Music, Games, DVD sales. Anyone who knowingly buys or sells bootlegged (Warez) software, music, DVD's
    B) NO alcohol, tobacco, drugs, firearms, or any weapons sales.
    C) NO Pornographic (XXX) item sales.
    D) NO gift card sales.

    Either you're selling the item or you're not. If you're not sure, don't post it here until you are ready. Please do your research on your asking price before posting the item for sale. If you want to make a "feeler" thread, you can do so in the "VALUE What's this worth?" section of the forum. Located here ----> http://mazdaroadster.net/forumdisplay.php?92

    Make use of the drop down menu tab if your item is generation specific.

    This is considered thread crapping, it's just rude, and will get your post deleted instantly and without warning.

    To prevent time wasted by both buyers and yourself, PLEASE post follow-up posts to indicate the item has been "SOLD".

    MazdaRoadster.net reserves the right to remove ANY ad for ANY reason at ANY time! If your thread has been removed there is generally a reason! Site Staff will send you a PM as to why your ad has been removed.


    There are authorized vendors (our sponsors) that part out cars on this forum, and if you are looking for "specific" Miata parts, we highly recommend using the folks that help support this forum. Part-outs can now be posted in this "Classifieds" section of the forum, so please do not post your part out in the vehicles classifieds, and not local sections either, etc, etc.

    a) What if I just have a bunch of parts to sell? Yes you have come to the right place, if you want to list a bunch of parts from a part out, or just clearing out your garage that is perfectly fine in here.

    b) Multiple vehicle part-outs are NOT allowed .... it's a one time event meant for a Miata that is disabled due to accident or one you've bought to use major pieces on your own car and are selling the rest. Buying a car specifically to part it out here to turn a profit is reserved for the Miata Recycling vendors that pay sponsorship to keep this forum running! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact the site Admin.

    c) All individual part sales and prices should be posted on the forum so we know no one is getting ripped off by sales of the same item to other members and there is no auction activity.

    d) Calling "dibs" ? , this is up to the seller who he/she wishes to sell to on here, and if they want to hold a part until the buyer has funds.

    e) Planning on buying a parts car and taking future orders to sell parts off it? Absolutely not allowed. If you can't support the purchase of the parts car for without the forum support, don't buy it or plan on pre-selling parts here.

    f) Miatas being parted out MUST be owned by YOU! That means, do not list a part-out for your friend's, uncle's, neighbor's, step-sister's, room mate's, mom's, dad's, cousin's, girlfriends's, auntie's, etc. No ifs ands, or buts! If they want to part out their own car they can list it here themselves just as well as you, and they can sell the parts like everyone else.

    Advice for Buyers - Caveat Emptor

    Please be cautious and use your common sense when buying something expensive from someone you don't know here on the forum. If something' seems too good to be true, question extensively before you buy. Many of these rules will also be helpful to sellers.

    Here are some easy-to-do tips that can at least help mitigate some of the risk. If you are personally uncomfortable asking for these items, we suggest you 'blame it on the rules' below to make it a safer transaction for all concerned:

    1) Review their threads, post counts, the users "iTrader" rating and join date on the forum. Is this someone "known" in the community?

    2) Ask for detailed pictures and condition description to be posted if not provided. Get full size, well lit images of the items and close ups of any blemishes to review before buying.

    3) Ask for a 'vouch' from another member for the seller or the item being sold if its of substantial value.

    4) Search on posts by sellers to see what they've bought/sold in the past. Were there any issues other people posted about? PM somebody else who bought something big from them in the past to see if it turned out OK.

    5) Do some research on the person using the information you have available. Have they been a member on forum long? Do they just sell stuff or do they really participate (so that people might know them better)? Did they post about having problems with the item they're now selling?

    6) Request contact information from the seller and test them where possible (get name, phone #s, physical and and email addresses) to make sure they work as a way to get in touch with them.

    7) Have someone else local to the seller on the forum check out the merchandise for you if it's a big/expensive item. Make sure it's what is claimed and in the described condition. If they'll do it, see if they will even see it get boxed up and shipped to you.

    8) Insist on carrying full insurance on fragile items that are shipped. Have the seller describe the way they will pack the item if you're really concerned; request 'before shipping' pictures to protect both of you. Ship items with companies that provide tracking capability for the package.

    9) Document your transaction publicly on the forum. If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious. If the seller does not post a 'item sold' once you've sent payment, we suggest that the buyer proactively post something like 'payment sent' on the forum so that if the seller has intentions of promising the item to multiple buyers and running off with their money that other buyers are alerted earlier. We suggest you 'quote' the original post of the seller so that their comments are captured and cannot be edited once sold to you.

    10) Ask the seller to post a photo of the actual item he is offering in your thread! Sellers you can do this as well if you have the item, post a photo! This way everyone knows what to expect, and its documented here on the forum!

    11) There is no guarantee that buyers or sellers are legitimate. We strongly recommend use of an escrow service, or Paypal as protection against fraudulent transactions.

    Please be respectful of all sellers, do NOT attack sellers on the forum if you don't like their asking price, if you don't like them then don't buy it!! If you want a lower price send them a PM.

    12) Commercial Sellers trying to "Loop-Hole" the Classifieds

    I have been receiving some messages from members regarding replies via PM from new members, or with low post counts, and/or low iTrader ratings.

    Private Sellers, If you have an item that someone is looking for in the WANTED section, please post a reply in the thread and if possible a photo of the item you are offering for sale.

    Buyers, If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious!!! Honest sellers will generally post a reply as they have nothing to hide. If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious! And don't forget we have "Sponsoring" vendors that sell used parts. Please support our vendors whenever possible, as without them we would not have the MOTM contests and other giveaways!
    Check with our Sponsors here ---> http://mazdaroadster.net/content.php?118-Sponsors

    ATTN: COMMERCIAL SELLERS, if you are a parts dealer and wish to offer items for sale in ANY of the Classified sections please contact site admin FIRST to become a sponsor. If any commercial entities are found selling to the member base and not a current sponsor you risk GETTING BANNED, and your IP Address will get banned as well. Don't risk getting booted over something so silly as this. Sponsorship here is very reasonable, and by supporting the community they will help support you.

    ALL MEMBERS are encouraged to report commercial vendors that are trying to loophole the system.