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    As you can tell at a glance, MazdaRoadster.net is supported by a few specific Miata-related tuners and by our members. Unlike a lot of other forums that have "gone corporate", you won't find lots of Google Ads, or Pop Up Ads scattered throughout the forum, or Ad links embedded in your posts. We find all of that stuff to be "spammy" and highly annoying! Even though it would easily help pay our bills and probably give us a little extra money every month, we're NOT gonna do it. We just don't feel that it makes for a good forum.

    Our goal is to keep MazdaRoadster.net as your community created FOR Miata enthusiasts BY Miata enthusiasts!

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    For a donation of only $25, we will mail you this set of snazzy "Limited Edition" MazdaRoadster.net stickers, and you will be granted one year of access to some special Supporting Member forum perks, such as:

    • Full Access to the Supporting Members forum, no vendors please!
    • No transaction fees in our Classifieds section!
    • Ability to use Animated GIF avatars!
    • PM storage increase to 500 messages!
    • Distinguished "Supporter" user title
    • Screen Name Changes to RED supporter color!
    • Discounted Prices on MR Swag
    • Advanced Notice of MR Contests, Promos, & Sales
    • Supporting Members Miata Parts Raffles

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    We accept payments through PayPal. For most of us, that means a direct transfer of funds from your PayPal account. But, if you don't have a PayPal account, that's FINE! Paypal will still handle the transaction for us, and you can use your credit card. Just head on over to the Payments page, select your option and check out using Paypal.

    If you really hate all of this Paypal and credit card stuff and would rather just send us a check, send a PM to PhatMiata and he can work it out with you.

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