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If you can't remember your password, try the Password Reset tool. It will email your password to you at the address you registered with.

If you've tried that and it didn't work for whatever reason, Contact Us and we can help. We can under no circumstances TELL you your password because it is encrypted and even we can't read it! So, all we can do is reset it for you.



  • you have just signed up, and did not receive a confirmation email.
  • you have your user profile set up to send email notifications for private messages or thread replies and you're not getting them
  • you have tried a password reset and not received an email notification


Check your spam filter! Sometimes forum notification emails are seen as spam. Lots and lots of email notifications go out to lots and lots of users from the same address, it's easy to see how an email system might see it as spam. A properly configured email system will pass those emails through to your spam folder for your review. A poorly configured system will either bounce the email back to the sender, or sometimes just completely drop it.


If you found it in your spam filter, good! Add the sending email address to your "white list" so that you can receive those emails and you're good to go.

If you didn't find it, then you have a problem. Sometimes it's an indication that our domain or server IP has been spam-blocked by your mail server. Contact us and we can send you a test email to find out. If our test bounces, the error message that it returns with will give us a clue as to what the problem is. If it is a domain/IP block, sometimes you can request that your service provider remove the block and all is well. Sometimes they are more stubborn than that, and there may be nothing that you or we can do.

If there's a stubborn block and your email address can't receive emails from our address, the only thing you can do is try a different email address. Changing the email address on an account is easy, you'll just have to create a new email address somewhere to use.

If none of this makes sense to you and you just don't get it, email us and we'll try to help.

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