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Our Mission Statement

MazdaRoadster.Net Mission Statement

  • Our mission at MazdaRoadster.Net is to provide an online club for Miata enthusiasts to express their love and passion for these awesome Roadsters and in doing so, to give back to the Miata community with innovative plans and ideas.
  • We do not want to be just "another" Miata forum, we want to create a "club" feel for all to enjoy where everyone who owns or is interested in Miatas is welcomed. This forum is for ALL Miatas whether stock or modified.
  • We want ALL members that wish to participate in our forum to express the same passion that we have. We promote healthy and spirited discussions but also expect all members to respect one another's tastes and opinions and to abstain from ridicule.
  • If a new user has a question we strongly encourage folks to help. Please be mindful that some new members are new to Miatas (or to online forums) and while the answer may be apparent to you, it may not be to them. Please abstain from posting things as "Use the search button Noob," or the like. We are all here to promote our love for Miatas and we should welcome and help new members.
  • We also want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to join a local Miata Club. If there is not one near you, take the initiative to create one in your area. We are here to support you and we can help you by providing tips and by spreading the word out.
  • This forum is free to members and is supported by sponsors. As such, please support us by making every effort to direct your purchasing decisions to our sponsors and don't forget to mention that you saw their ad right here, at MazdaRoadster.Net! You can also stop by the sponsors' local shops even if just to say hello. They are always happy to see you!
  • Lastly, we here at MazdaRoaster.Net want everyone to have fun!!! Post your stories, create a blog about your car. Everyone has a story to tell and all your stories are equally important to us. With this mission in mind, post up and lets have fun!!!

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