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  1. April 30th Sunday Mosport DDT track lapping event 10:30am-5pm #2 event 2017!

    2017 April 30th Sunday 10:30am - 5pm Mosport new DDT Lapping event, #2 event 2017!:cool:

    Hello all drivers,

    We would like to setup a CTMP Mosport DDT lapping event for our drivers and...
  2. May 7th Sunday Shannonville Full track lapping event 6pm - 9pm #3 event

    2017 #3 track lapping event @ Shannonville "Full Track" or "Pro Track" - May 7th, 6pm - 9pm, Sunday evening

    Hi all drivers,

    Let's shake it down and get ready for the hot season...
  3. May 14th CTMP Mosport Outdoor GoKarting event 2-5pm 20+ events 2017

    2017 May 14th Mosport Outdoor GoKarting event, 2 - 5pm Sunday! 20+ events 2017 !!

    Hello all drivers,

    We have the track Sunday afternoon from 2:00pm - 5:00 pm booked, cost will...
  4. August 29th Saturday Shannonville Full track event 5:30-9pm #15 of 20+Events

    2015 #15 track lapping event (Shannonville Full Track) - August 29th, 5:30pm - Dusk, Saturday evening

    Hi all drivers,

    It comes to our #15 event of the season! 20+ Events 2015...
  5. August 16th Sunday - Cayuga TMP track event 5-9pm! #14 of 20+ Events

    August 16th Sunday@ Cayuga 5:00pm - 9:00pm! 2015 #14 track event

    Hello all drivers,

    We're starting to build a drivers list for the Cayuga track event signup on the August 16th...
  6. September 7th Longwkend Monday Mosport DDT lapping event 11am-5pm #17 event

    2015 September 7th Longwkend Monday 11am - 5pm Mosport new DDT Lapping event, #17 event of 2015.!:cool:
  7. August 30th Sunday Goodwood Kartways gokarting event 3-6pm, #16 of 20+ Events

    Hello all friends and drivers,

    With our great turnout from last year outdoor karting event @ Goodwood and Mosport outdoor kartways, we have the track on August 30th Sunday afternoon from...
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