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Thread: An Apology from RoadsterTech!

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    An Apology from RoadsterTech!

    As many of you know I started RoadsterTech due to my passion for all things Miata.
    I set this up as a very small division of my controls company. This enabled me to share resources and work space with my larger company. And well, to help pay the bills.

    Last August I went into an agreement with a major controls distributor to come to work for them as their Sr. Automation Engineer. The agreement we struck would close down my controls company, but retain control of the building to be used as an office, lab and training center for this new company. So what does this mean for RoadsterTech?

    The good news;
    We will be opening a new holding company run by my wife. This holding company will include RoadsterTech as a wholly owned division. We will be keeping our workspace and machine shop. I have also started the wheels rolling to automate some of the equipment to expedite the manufacturing process.

    The bad news;
    Shutting down a viable company has been harder than I expected. I shut RoadsterTech down for the month of January to wrap up my controls company and start the retooling business… This was not even close to enough time. I never realized how much time would need to be taken to finish off projects and shut the controls company down. In order to provide full time support for new company I’m working for as well as facilitate the shutdown of my old company, I have been working in excess of 18 hours a day. To add to this perfect storm, my family suffered through some health issues demanding a significant amount of my time. The down side of this has been a delay in bringing RoadsterTech back on line at 100% capacity.

    I apologize to everyone that has tried to contact me and had to wait for a response, to those that have had to wait for PayPal Invoices to be generated, and lastly and of most importance to those that are waiting for their orders to be fulfilled. I am working on all of these orders as rapidly as possible and am making good progress, please hold with me a bit longer they will be finished with the up most attention to detail. There is a light at the end of this tunnel!

    Rick Brillhart
    You may know me as RAB or BCT or Rick depends on where you look.

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    Good luck man. Keep your head down and power through it. There's always light at the end of the tunnel.

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