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Thread: My Second Miata

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    Finally got around to do many things...

    I ended up getting an NA IL motorsports short shifter. The NB version was out of stock for an unknown time even from the manufacturer. I was impatient and just wanted a project to do. So it came... along with a 3.5" extender, and a foot worth of stainless tube to sleeve the whole thing since I don't want to see the step. In addition, the NA lacks the fulcrum bushing so my project was delayed quite a bit. The NB version has both slots AND the plastic bushings. The NA version has you take it off from the old one. Luckily I already had the MR delrin bushing so that was good to go.


    Stock setup with moddiction knob on the left, and the IL on the right with the 2" SS sphere (note the step, also lack of sleeve).


    After knocking out the forward pin. In everything went.


    It came with another delrin bushing that coincidentally could slip onto my Jass Upper boot, but there was a gap between the shifter and the ID of the bushing. Thankfully I just needed to bore it out a TOUCH and the sleeve had a great interference fit with it. Did a rough measurement on how short to cut the tube and it worked out in pushing the boot down and also sealing up the lower boot against the larger OD of the rod. No more trans oil smell.


    At the same time I picked up a cobra ring - and the bolts to set it down, but realized that the ring is smaller than the largest OD of the shifter boot, so I'm going to have to raise the center console by ~0.5" to be able to fasten everything down. Add to that I need to figure out how to get the boot to not look all lopsided. That might be fixed by just getting a leather boot to cover it up a smidge since I like the look of the exposed rod. I was worried that the shaft would look too thick since I was going for that more vintage look - but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The shifter shifts WONDERFULLY. I could probably go with a 2.5 or 3" extender instead of the 3.5" to give it a little more resistance and notchiness, but I find myself resting my wrist on top of the knob with this setup. Surprisingly comfortable. The throw is about the same as stock, if not less. I should measure, but I'm lazy.

    Also picked up jaguar speaker covers. They ended up being a near-perfect fit. Good enough for now. Behind them I replaced the 6.5" speakers with 8.0" speakers. They're RX830's from amazon ~$45. It seems they replaced the Lanzar 8" speakers. I HAVE BASS AGAIN. Now I need to figure out how to reduce the rattle in the door

    Things are tidying quite nicely inside. The next big project - THE SEATS.

    Crazy to think that the first cut into the center console happened nearly 2 years ago.

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