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Thread: Porter Cab light bulb

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    It's been a while since I've taken my own tail lamps apart (pic above was taken from Bruce's classified ad) but I've seen other examples online showing just the two bulbs. It makes me wonder if the Porter lamp is different than the AZ-1 version or perhaps Stanley or Mazda changed the specification at some point. Also, REV9 says, "The GV Do-It-Yourself Nostalgic Tail Lights for NA (1989-1997) MX-5 are the solution to the now discontinued Mazda Porter Tail Lights (that came with the original Garage Vary Tail Lights Kit)." Which makes me wonder how they are getting around the "now discontinued Porter Tail Light" issue, especially if they come in Mazda boxes with Mazda part numbers on them.

    Anyhow, this whole thing reminded me that it can be a pain to remove the lamps due to the plastic nut used on the backside of the fiberglass panel that the lamp mounting screws fasten to. One day I will modify mine with some sort of captured nut. Not such a big deal since you can still access the back side of the tail lamps from inside the trunk. But important to think about for the reverse lamp, especially if you permanently affix the fiberglass panel like Revlimiter did. He used J-style clip on nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerhead View Post
    I have two sets of the GV tails for the NA. One I purchased from a local seller prior to the REV9 group buy and one I purchased in the group buy. Both of my sets came with porter Cab lights that have three bulbs in each lamp - 1 turn signal (1157), 1 tail/brake (1156) and a much smaller bulb beneath the tail/brake bulb. I'm guessing that in the JDM, the bulb has a purpose, but our export cars (to USA) aren't wired to utilize the little bulb. Maybe its some type of DRL or fog lamp.
    Update: This is correct btw. I replaced the little bulb since I had already ordered it, didn't do anything. Fail on my random diagnostics. Bought a Sylvania 1157 Longlife (12.8/14V, 26.9/8.3W) from autozone, matches the light output of the OE Stanley almost perfectly. I think I didn't end up with a 1156 because this bulb just happen to be closer to the Stanley voltage and wattage figures.

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