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Thread: My Very Rare Roadster

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    My Very Rare Roadster

    This week I agreed a deal for a very rare roadster and today it was delivered. Hope those in charge don't mind a separate post would get lost in my members thread.

    The car in question is a JDM edition, 1995 Eunos Roadster R-Limited. Why so special? Well Mazda in 1995 made 1000 R-Limited models. For me the R-Limited and S-Limited have been my favourite editions as I like the red interior. However the R-Limited was particularly special as it had the same running gear as the RS-Limited. This meant lightweight forged BBS 15' alloys, short-ratio LSD so acceleration a bit more like a 1.6 (but with 1.8 engine), Bilstein shocks, lightweight flywheel, the yellow engine bay strut brace for improved handling together with extra bracing around the diff/rear underbody area. Being the R-Limited it came with the red leather interior and nardi wooden trim while the RS-Limited came with the Recaros and Nardi black trim.

    What makes this car so rare is out of the 1000 R-Limited 894 were done in the Mica Satellite blue and 106 in Chaste white. When it comes to small production lines the M2 cars were 1/300 so outside of the Le-Mans MX5 of 24 this is probably one of the least produced MX5s.

    Link to photos -
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