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Thread: 1997 M-Edition

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    Shots fired!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMT View Post
    Nice things have happened so far - but doesnt it bug you out that you still havent mounted the Watanabes? Something to look forward to in the new year, i guess
    It has definitely been bothering me and definitely going to happen in the New Year!

    Considering they're 14's and I'm still on stock suspension, I've been putting off mounting them until I got a set of coilovers. In addition to this, the inner lip hasn't been shaved for the NA8C brakes, so without extended studs they won't fit. I've been putting off buying those final two items until I can get all of them at once. Rest assured once I have them I will finally be mounting them. Its been eating at me, I haven't forgotten!

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    Shots fired!
    Rightfully so Need to get on with it already, but in due time it will all come together
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    Glad to hear that, looking forward to this update

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