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Thread: Artisan Shift Knobs - May 2020

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    Artisan Shift Knobs - May 2020

    • Artisan-made in VERY small batches. Want a unique shift knob? Look no further.
    • M10x1.25 threaded. Fits all Miatas ever made - NA, NB, NC, and ND. 1989-2019.
    • Various brake grips with NA/NB fitment as well as NC fitment.
    • Wood shift knobs are produced by Rich of Long Dog Wood Studio.
    • Inserts produced by me, Adam at revlimiter

    Current Wood Types: Light, Dark, and Black Mahogany, Walnut, Purple Heart and Spectra-Ply

    Shift knobs in this batch sell for $85 each. All brake grips are $49. Claim yours at the revlimiter Store.

    The above image is my actual current stock. All of the shifters I have are in this photo. I'll be updating it as sets sell. You may need to hit F5 on your browser to see the current stock.

    Claim your shift knob here!

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    I have one of these knobs and e-brake handles made by Rich and sold by Adam. 10/10, would recommend.IMG_3242.jpg

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