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Thread: 1.8 COMPLETE drive train (with trans) for a 1.6 swap!

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    1.8 COMPLETE drive train (with trans & diff) for a 1.6 swap!

    The drive train needs to be removed by buyer. All service to engine (with new mazdaspeed motor mounts), trans and diff (with Torson as well as new royal purple fluid in both) have just been finished with 0 miles!!! When I say service I mean ALL gaskets, Mazda VALVE STEM GUIDES, timing belt, pullyes, new starter & alternator the works even a new Centerforce clutch & pressure plate and ACT 9lbs. flywheel! I did a power steering delete too. I even did an exhaule cam swap!!! The drive train does have 146,000 miles but has Great Power. I am offering this because I bought a JDM engine and had if bored out to 2.0 and more. I want to put that into the car along with a 1999 5 speed and a RX7 rear diff housing with OS Girken and Maruha gears, as there is no need for what is in it now, but I wanted to make sure who ever bought it got the best it could be. I didn't list a price because I do not know what the value is to someone. Perhaps it would be easier to have a local shop pull it if the buying price is worth it. I live near Reading, Pa. Please PM me here on facebook at Chris Zinn. I am open to reasonable offers, but be realistic, Please. GOD BLESS
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