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Thread: Wax recommendations?

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    Wax recommendations?

    What wax are you guys using to bring out a deep shine or should I just hire a mobile detailer? Probably will just hand wax the miata since it’s single stage paint, but also need something to bring a shine on the Mazdaspeed3, paint looks dull being 10 years old now.

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    For my DD Soul, I just use a good car wash soap, then some spray-on Turtle Wax graphene stuff. Works really well and has lots of positive reviews. Since my car sits outside and I use it every day even in rainy season that's almost here, I honestly don't wash it that often. For a pristine black Miata though, I'd hire a pro and be done with it. You can spend hours of your life watching car finishing pros on YT, buy a ton of expensive compounds, polishes, waxes, iron removers, ceramic coatings, different colored orbital pads, premium microfiber towels....the list seems endless. Then you have to actually do it with no experience, hoping you don't wear off the paint, in Florida heat and humidity. Hell naw.

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    There are different steps on making a car look good; decontamination, polishing, sealing and protecting it. Larry (AMMO NYC) has excellent write-ups on the topic:

    Regarding "wax" would suggest a modern quick detailer with a SiO2 package; options are plenty, they are much easier to use than conventional wax, offer UV protection and some added scratch resistance.

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