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Thread: Brake proportioning valve and 1" Master cylinder kit @ Supermiata

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    Brake proportioning valve and 1" Master cylinder kit @ Supermiata

    Why adjustable brake proportioning and larger master cylinder? Read this FAQ for full details

    Our adjustable brake proportioning valve kit includes all fittings necessary for a clean and quick install. No cutting or flaring needed. Higher grip wheels and tires transfer more weight to the front under max braking. Changing pads, calipers or rotor diameters also have an affect on brake bias. Both changes benefit from fine tuning brake bias with and adjustable valve.

    1" brake master cylinder kit

    The OEM NA/NB master cylinders are 7/8", OEM Sport Brakes and MSM are 15/16". Both of which are fine for small, low torque OEM brakes. After adding higher (brake) torque brakes and pads, better modulation requires a larger master cylinder to keep leverage ratios balanced.

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