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Thread: Post Your RED NA

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    2,000 rpm - light wheelspin, no bog here! Dave737's Avatar
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    why don't you have a build thread? Everyone should.
    You're right, I should. When I first got this car it reminded me of my High School days and my Triumph Spitfire(only more reliable). I thought it would be fun for couple of years at the most and than I would sale it. But that all changed when I did a basic service to the car and screwed the MAF up the first day I got it home. I did a internet search to find out how to put the pins back into the MAF and came across Sharka blew me away. I knew I was screwed. My car needed to look more like that, but that wasn't in the budget. I talked the wife into 100 american pesos a month for the car. How could I do a build thread? Soooooo boring, one update every three months or so. That is what I
    thought. Well I've had the car four years now and it has come a long way. I should have made a build thread. Not too late thought. Still lots to do.

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    One of my favorites of my car...
    2012: Purchased Miata, Laid off 3 days later. 4th place overall (default!), NWOR SCCA (RTR)
    2013: Budget RTR build, massive increase in participation, 3rd place overall, NWOR SCCA (RTR)
    2014: Suspension and more active competition in STS. 3rd place overall, NWOR SCCA
    2015: Time for some "form" and vintage styling (while still racing NWOR, of course).

    Check out my Miata Journal:

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    Quote Originally Posted by RustRat View Post
    Looks promising. Any mods, future mods/plans you wanna share with us?

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    I have a lip bought for it, jdm fogs and I have new discs and pads on the way. I already have a drift works quick release and Nardi wheel installed. My large plan is a set of 15" JR19s. Coilovers and an RSR exhaust. Throw in some throttlebodies and I will be a happy bunny. Paintwork is the first on my list though.

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    Here's a couple of pictures of the ol' red thing, I took these photos the day before I sold it & the new owner picked it up 3 days later. Kinda miss it a lil bit.....


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