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Thread: Friday Night Starbucks Meet

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    Friday Night Starbucks Meet

    Each Friday night

    8pm - whenever
    Starbucks Coffee
    5001 Huguenot Rd. Richmond, just on the other side of the Huguenot Bridge on the right, right next to the Virginia Eye Institute.

    This meet has been going on for the better part of ten years without issue because of our FIRM 'NO DOUCHES' policy. We have never had a single problem from anyone. Jackassery of any kind is not tolerated and you WILL be banned.

    That said, we have a nice little group of true car enthusiasts. This meet is not just Miatas; we have a few MR2s, some Supras, a few nice Nissans just to name a few. Come out and have some coffee and hang for a while!
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    is this still going on ? thread is a few months old, if so i may have to make the meet at some point. side note. in the title it would probably be a good idea to list it as.... (Va.) Friday Night Starbucks Meet...i would have clicked it first.
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