*********The Phoenix Fives Big Monthly Meet *********

The Big Monthly Meet is as ever, the first Wednesday of the month.

In this case its the 7th of October at 7.45pm till late and it will be held at The Wharf, Hockley Heath, B94 6QT (The sooner you get there the better)

This is a chance to chat to other owners about your car, have a look round all the other cars and find out about all the various options, modifications etc. Also to sort out any issues / concerns you may have and just mix in with the Phoenixfive community.

Our Area has a large number of like minded folks who enjoy their MX-5s.
The convoys set off from:

"The Moorings" in Leamington spa at approx 7.10pm.

One with the Redditch folks at 7.15pm from the new McDonalds on the Coventry Highway.

Our meets attract more and more folks each time - and we have numbers from 15 to a massive 53 in the warmer summer months. Anybody and everybody is welcome, even if you dont have a five.
There's plenty of cars to lift the bonnets on and plenty of owners only too keen to show you their pride and joy, be it Mk1 / 2 / 3 and whether its NA, Charged or Turbo.

If you are new to the meets then please ask for Steve or Nick or Cerberus... or me, Russell - Please dont hang around kicking your own tyres feeling left out. Ask for us

Come and Kick some tyres, Open to all owners