Advice for Buyers - Caveat Emptor

Please be cautious and use your common sense when buying something expensive from someone you don't know here on the forum. If something' seems too good to be true, question extensively before you buy. Many of these rules will also be helpful to sellers.

Here are some easy-to-do tips that can at least help mitigate some of the risk. If you are personally uncomfortable asking for these items, we suggest you 'blame it on the rules' below to make it a safer transaction for all concerned:

1) Review their threads, post counts, the users "iTrader" rating and join date on the forum. Is this someone "known" in the community?

2) Ask for detailed pictures and condition description to be posted if not provided. Get full size, well lit images of the items and close ups of any blemishes to review before buying.

3) Ask for a 'vouch' from another member for the seller or the item being sold if its of substantial value.

4) Search on posts by sellers to see what they've bought/sold in the past. Were there any issues other people posted about? PM somebody else who bought something big from them in the past to see if it turned out OK.

5) Do some research on the person using the information you have available. Have they been a member on forum long? Do they just sell stuff or do they really participate (so that people might know them better)? Did they post about having problems with the item they're now selling?

6) Request contact information from the seller and test them where possible (get name, phone #s, physical and and email addresses) to make sure they work as a way to get in touch with them.

7) Have someone else local to the seller on the forum check out the merchandise for you if it's a big/expensive item. Make sure it's what is claimed and in the described condition. If they'll do it, see if they will even see it get boxed up and shipped to you.

8) Insist on carrying full insurance on fragile items that are shipped. Have the seller describe the way they will pack the item if you're really concerned; request 'before shipping' pictures to protect both of you. Ship items with companies that provide tracking capability for the package.

9) Document your transaction publicly on the forum. If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious. If the seller does not post a 'item sold' once you've sent payment, we suggest that the buyer proactively post something like 'payment sent' on the forum so that if the seller has intentions of promising the item to multiple buyers and running off with their money that other buyers are alerted earlier. We suggest you 'quote' the original post of the seller so that their comments are captured and cannot be edited once sold to you.

10) Ask the seller to post a photo of the actual item he is offering in your thread! Sellers you can do this as well if you have the item, post a photo! This way everyone knows what to expect, and its documented here on the forum!

11) There is no guarantee that buyers or sellers are legitimate. We strongly recommend use of an escrow service, or Paypal as protection against fraudulent transactions.

Please be respectful of all sellers, do NOT attack sellers on the forum if you don't like their asking price, if you don't like them then don't buy it!! If you want a lower price send them a PM.

12) Commercial Sellers trying to "Loop-Hole" the Classifieds

I have been receiving some messages from members regarding replies via PM from new members, or with low post counts, and/or low iTrader ratings.

Private Sellers, If you have an item that someone is looking for in the WANTED section, please post a reply in the thread and if possible a photo of the item you are offering for sale.

Buyers, If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious!!! Honest sellers will generally post a reply as they have nothing to hide. If a seller insists on communicating only via PM or email be suspicious! And don't forget we have "Sponsoring" vendors that sell used parts. Please support our vendors whenever possible, as without them we would not have the MOTM contests and other giveaways!
Check with our Sponsors here --->

ATTN: COMMERCIAL SELLERS, if you are a parts dealer and wish to offer items for sale in ANY of the Classified sections please contact site admin FIRST to become a sponsor. If any commercial entities are found selling to the member base and not a current sponsor you risk GETTING BANNED, and your IP Address will get banned as well. Don't risk getting booted over something so silly as this. Sponsorship here is very reasonable, and by supporting the community they will help support you.

ALL MEMBERS are encouraged to report commercial vendors that are trying to loophole the system.