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Thread: Mazda M2-1008 Roadster Coupe Miata

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    Post Mazda M2-1008 Roadster Coupe Miata

    M2-1008 Eunos Berlinetta

    by Mark Jordan
    Assistant Chief Designer
    (Mazda R&D USA)

    The Roadster has shown us the fun of convertibles, and now it expresses the tension of a racing coupe. The Eunos Berlinetta "M2-1008" was developed for future sales and is being exhibited for the general public in Setagatya, Tokyo, Japan right now. (Spring 1994) Please let me introduce this model briefly.

    Mr. Tachibana, the general Manager of M2 took charge of styling. He worked on the clay model eagerly hoping that a spring time of life will be brought back to the sports car. The main work was done in the rear area of the "M2-1008". The back is cut straight down. It is also curved greatly on both the right and left sides, and is made of carbon, with an acrylic rear window. Therefore, its total weight is approximately 60-pounds lighter than the original Eunos Roadster. For the models for sale, it is planned that the panel will be made of plastic and steel, and that the rear window will be made of glass. Because of the large rear window it looks like a hatch back at first sight, but is actually a notch back.

    Compared to its nostalgic rear design, its front design is quite modern and reminds us of the first generation RX7. However, this styling is tentative. They are still working on it. M2 thinks that the front design is one of their future issues and they haven't decided whether they should keep the original Roadster's panel for their development in order to keep the price down, or if they should use a newly designed panel for more innovative expression.

    As for the engine, 1.8L or 2.0L DOHC I-4 type is planned to be installed. Their goal is 150 hp with good torque is the target tuning. The air intake of the front spoiler is rather large. I believe the reason for that is not only for the styling purposes, but also for the issue of engine cooling in accordance with the increased emission (The locations of license plate and driving lamps were questioned even with the original roadster).

    The interior of M2-1001 was used for the interior of M2-1008 tentively. This is a two seater without a rear seat, and has no trunk though. The tire size is 195/50R15, which is the same as the M2-1001. Actual driving is possible at this stage, but the seating for M2-1008 has not been completed yet. They are planning to finish the test vehicle by the end of June or the beginning of July 1994. They call this exhibition "Open Public Evaluation", M2 would like to know the visitors' opinions about the M2-1008 prototype.

    Source: Paperback issue MCA Magazine Vol.5, No.3 (Spring 1994)
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    Here are some more recent photos, this is the replica version

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    Very reminiscent of the Fiat Barchetta and other similar designs out of Italy in the 1990s. Could have just as easily been designed by Zagato as M2 Corp. Very interesting for the Miata anoraks out there. I'm glad Mazda finally came through with the NB Roadster Coupe, which, in my opinion, was the best looking of all the various coupe iterations. Too bad they never sold it in the USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freedomgli View Post
    Very reminiscent of the Fiat Barchetta and other similar designs out of Italy in the 1990s. Could have just as easily been designed by Zagato as M2 Corp. Very interesting for the Miata anoraks out there.
    Fiat Barchetta... agree!

    "anoraks"... had to look up the definition.


    The Mazda M2-1008 Roadster Coupe is an interesting concept, but I'm not excited by the design/execution. I like everything from the body line down. Front lights are too plain and clunky, trying to stay within the pop-up light foot print. The back window, not dynamic enough (too square). The back should have been done more like Woolery's car.

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