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Thread: Charlotte, RDU and my home folks Down-east.

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    Charlotte, RDU and my home folks Down-east.

    Hey folks. If you are running from RDU or The Coastal region for a tail-run. And you folks running from Charlotte to VIR. If there is a wheel or tire incident in route just swing in or give a call. Not trying to solicit any business as I'm not an owner, or one that does tire work. But if you want a NA guy that might be able to help you out of a jamb when the things go bad. Remember I'm half-way home. and I'll try!

    Work Ph# 336-996-2033
    I work in the trenches but ask for me, Rick

    Addy is:
    731 E. Mountain Street
    Kernersville, NC 27284

    Agian this is not soliciting for work. Just if you have a problem and I can help yell!

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